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No hassles, no worries. Done right, done fast.


Labor only
2 laborers = $125 per hour
3 laborers = $150 per hour
4 laborers = $185 per hour

Labor plus truck
2 / 3 movers plus truck = $150 per hour *
3 / 4 movers plus truck = $300 per hour *

*Labors at the discretion of moving company and client’s needs.

Long distance
(56+ miles between point A & B)
*By law moves over 55 miles are calculated by factors such as weight and mileage, we can provide an estimate


From something as simple as moving a few desks or cubicles to the entire office, we can handle the job big or small. To really understand what it's going to take we need to have a thorough understanding about the size, distance and complexity of your office needs.

Please contact Three Generations Moving to get an accurate quote.


Let us know your needs and we will come prepared.


Household item delivery such as:

  • Couch
  • Dining room set
  • Refrigerator
  • and much more...

Starts at $50

*Ask about our assembly service

Furniture Valuation Coverage

We offer three types of supplemental coverage for your furniture on moving day. This covers your property while we are handling your items. Your items are automatically covered while being transported on the moving truck through our Cargo Insurance. Please feel free to email or call with questions. We will discuss these options with you in more detail on the day of the move. Please be aware, your home owner policy may cover damage.

*Take special consideration in choosing your level. If you do not purchase additional coverage you may be compensated for damage at our basic value protection level.

Basic Value Protection

Free of charge.

Replacement Cost with $300 Deductible

Additional cost.

Replacement Cost with No Deductible

Premium additional cost.

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